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I was all set to depart for China in late June when an email arrived

Daphne Dobbins Bindery was for sale in mid NSW and that a clearing sale was to happen while I was away.

I called to ask about what was being offered  and received a list of materials.No Time to negotiate, no time to examine, so I then took it upon myself to purchase the lot on behalf of the Guild, with a view looking forward to a permanent home were we could run classes regularly, and would need equipement to outfit such a studio. I took a gamble that the value was right and that the Guild would want the items, and if they didn’t,  well, I cant fit it in my bindery so I guess we will have a big buy swap and sell sometime to recoup as much as I can from it.  Some lovely materials, equipment and library, still not fully examined , but unpacked enough to take some pics to be able to show it.

We showed these pics on Tuesday and the meeting seemed to think it was a good move. In due course the Committee will make some decisions regarding  its future. For now it is soon to be in storage.  All we need now is a long term accomodation for a bindery/classrooms. Keep looking, the committee are also looking.  We have now several gifts of equipment, and so a great base for that bindery. JIM


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