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I have got around  to document some of the materials in the Dobbins collection. There is a quantity of marbled  paper  there, along with some printed stocks, and tissues for made endpapers. Rather than store them for a considerable time, I think I should offer some of it at the November meeting next tuesday night. Besides I dont mind reducing the outstanding investment just a little. Many of of the marbled papers are brand name from Margo Snape, and priced at purchase in the 90's  at $10.00 and $15.00 per sheet. I dont think they would be available elsewhere for the same today.   I will not bring all along, but have a look at the images, if one catches your attention, mainly I have only one sheet of each with a few common ones in  batches., so let me know.   Email me with the picture number so I can pick them out, Same price now as in 1992.  Jim

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