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Untitled 1I have been following a blog about watermarks and desperately wanted to try to make my own. Today I was free and the sun was shining! I soaked the old shredded bank statements overnight and this morning added some coloured paper in the blender.

Untitled 2


I had already made up the watermark firstly by using thin wire to make the outline of my image, then putting the wire onto the mesh of the deckle and tacking it there with thread.Untitled 3

The pulp is added to the water vat and agitated, then the deckle and the mold are lowered in vertically, rotated to a horizontal position, and then lifted out gently with the pulp on the wire.Time is allowed to pass whilst the water drains from the deckle, carefully remove the mold.

Untitled 4

Next we lay this very fragile piece of paper onto a piece of cloth.

I use jay cloths, but these leave an imprint on the paper so cotton is better.

Untitled 5The paper is gently laid onto the cotton, then press down on the deckle; you can sponge off excess water. Lift the deckle from one side slowly to expose your piece of paper. Cover this with another piece of cotton and continue to make your next piece of paper and lay that on top of previous one. You will need to add more pulp - which has been blended - into the vat, experiment with adding other coloured papers; xmas wrapping is good for this.

Finally a great weight is pressed down on all your finished paper to remove the water.

Untitled 6

Carefully remove the cotton sheets with the paper still on top of them, you can hang on the line till the paper falls off or today I dried mine on the lawn.

Once the paper is dry examine your handiwork!Untitled 7

Deckle and mold.

Untitled 8

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