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A design for a childrens book. This new style of black and white is intended for very young children, where they cannot see colours but shapes.

So I helped with the preliminaries to see if there was a market, first with a mock up to find the problems in production, then with 25 copies to see if it had market appeal.  A challenge to work with the glossy coated stock, keeping it clean and neat, and with rounded corners.  An interesting challege.     Link back to October Meeting

 But even more, we just (28 Nov 2017) received an update  the pics are attached in the gallery below

Hi Jim,

just wanted to thank you again for all your help!  As a result of the wonderful set of books that you made, we ended up getting a big order from a Viking webshop based in Sweden (, and an offer to launch it here at Little Bookroom!

We therefore did a print run of 500 with 1010 Printing (which has an Australian office in Queensland) and had the launch a couple of weeks ago, which was a huge amount of fun, and now this morning Grimfrost has just ordered another run of 500!

So thank you again; you and the Bookbinders Guild made this possible!   Rose Bush.


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