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An enjoyable April  meeting , though numbers were light due to the date change and all the holidays pending. Book clinic was a feature 

with Liz bringing a beautiful plate book,   titled Plants of NZ, in a  terrible, but recoverable state.  As usual 4 binders in a room  so 8 solutuions to the problems, but a very worthwhile and constructive discussion.

Then followed by a review of the entries for last years binding challenge, Nolan, Landscapes and Legends, not many entries but some neat and creative entries.  This was followed by a look at the 2019 challenge, the Bordeaux International Exhibition of Wines 1882  a reprint on lovely paper already folded  ready for binding.  Eight sections, 132 pages about A4 size to be bound in any style. The president has copies so email to arrange a copy.  

Then followed a review of members work and an examination of  some limp bindings of single sheets, a single sheet binding and a Cambridge Panel leather binding of The  Perfume of Books. by Erika Morderk, a walk through the rare books. 

We finished the meeting with  a review of the 1918 Royal Show  competion in Melbourne with some judging commentry by Tim Morrow, and pictures of the work presented for judging. An informative learning time, of what to do and what to avoid. Unfortunately we all forgot cameras.  We look forward to the May weeting.

SPECIAL NOTICE  the meeting date for April is Tuesday  16th  7pm

The change of date was planned to avoid  Easter Anzac day and School holidays.

Our program for the evening is :

1/ Book Clinic where we examine and discuss books of members and visitors, which are in need of repair, 

2/ Review of 2018 Binding Challenge  Nolan Landscapes and Legends.

3/ Launch and discussion of the 2019 Challenge. Sheets will be available on the night.

4/ Members show and tell of their present projects.

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