Greetings from the Committee 2020


On behalf of the Committee of the Victorian Bookbinders Guild, may I wish you a Happy New Year.

 Sorry to say our website was hacked and so the christmas greetings were not on time. However the website as it was has been completely demolished with most of the archive of articles lost.

So most of the past articles will simply end up as photo galleries( I still have the originals) but most of the articles as missing the text and I am not sure how many will be rewritten.

In the reconstruction time we will still have emails available to any of the committee   and an email to any of the list below

president,   vice president,  secretary,  treasurer,  librarian, editor, webmaster,   will receive a prompt reply.


We have our first function of the year in February,  our regular try out marbling,   is on the 4th tuesday at West Hawthorn Uniting Church at 6pm, committee meeting at 5pm.

We will also have a different program this year so  watch out for the changes of programs and new locations.  More information soon.

Watch the menu on the right side for new articles and information.  If you are looking for a description for any of the galleries, contact the webmaster  and he will attempt to oblige with a rest of reinstated descriptions of the meeting.


My thanks for your patience with us as we reinstate our web pages, and if there are any members looking for a new challenge, please contact me, I can give you a great task in the management of our internet presence.

 This page seems to have gone viral and has fantastic hit rate which is great for the  Guild. So I have left it here, a kind of ironic end to the old website.  Follow the menu back and see the real web pages. Thanks

My regards    Jim Finger President