Feathered World was a poultry newspaper in England  which started July 1882 and produced a volume every 6 months. One of the features was the engraved frontis of every issue. Some great artwork, which over time degraded to reworked images, and then photos. About that time Colour plated were added as free gifts, and quite a range of very nice plates were produced. This set still has a few but most were removed as the issues were purchased This set supposedly was 1-36 then Volume 72.  Volumes 1 3,4,5,and 8 were half leather but the covers had fallen off and needed replacement. The balance of the set is cloth covered in a standard issue cover supplied by the publisher. Most of the volumes needed some reinforcement of the hinges and a few had to be re-backed, most also had a few loose pages mainly sewing missing in the binding process. In the process of collating the volumes I discovered that the spine numbers, a taped on tab, were in fact not agreeing with the Roman Numerals on the spines. Always collate and verify. This work had waited  but when a buyer wanted the set, it was time to get to work.. So here is a pictorial Journey of some of the steps, ending in the shipping crate. If you are interested in the history, there is a larger article  www.trewalla.com.au . Regards Jim

Removing the old spines

Soaking with paste

More spines 

Lovely engravings

Some sections to oversew 


Completed volumes  with labels



Half Leather with marbled sides

The set after all the touchups, rebacks etc.  ready to pack


Another set of the Feather World years books afdded into the order, but reading copies only with no repairs. 

Each volume wrapped in plain paper for protection, then bubble wrapped.

Unto a ply crate as they will travel 3000km to their new home

and a few hundred other old poultry newspapers as packing.