Welcome to Bookbinding Victoria. 

You have arrived here via the QR code at Melbourne Royal, and we are delighted that our small display has caught your attention. 

The website has many links to articles on various aspects of bookbinding, information about classes, updates as new classes are prepared. Please enjoy browsing our pages and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Our Display this year. We were granted 2 cabinets for the competition books and for displays to promote Bookbinding Victoria.




The Competition.

At the time of writing, these have been about 15 entries logged in for the Competition in 3 Classes.

Traditional  Western Bookbinding.  A book in any of the traditional style, covered in traditional materials.

Designer Binding or some would call it fine binding. Bindings designed to tell a story in the design and using  more difficult techniques to tell the story of the book

Creative Art Binding, a book form using all sorts of materials not necessarily words to tell the story.


As I write the Judging has not occurred, but hopefully we will be able to bring pictures here soon after the judging.


The 175th year of the Melbourne Royal. The Agricultural Show has grown and developed from the early days of Melbourne's Agricultural life. IT have become a traditional; recognition of life both rural and city, and supported not only animals, but entertainment, craft, food production, food preparation, and hand made almost everything.

In this part of the display we recognise the diversity of what people were reading in a time when reading the printed word was  the most important connection to the world. From the intellectual Greek Dictionary to the ordinary book on Birds.


Lastly, in Tribute 

Bookbinders Victoria   ( the Bookbinders Guild of Victoria) is made up of all sorts of people with a wide range of  great diversity of life experiences. Over time many of the original members have passed on, and we have the pleasure of paying tribute to those who have contributed to the life of the groups, with their experience, advice and skills. Sometimes very public, sometimes very private  we have benefited from their contribution to our lives.

This year we recognise the contribution to Bookbinders Victoria of Maurice Betteridge, who passed away in 2020. His contribution to many people in many spheres of life was substantial. Three of his bindings are in this display.  

Please bookmark the site and return here as we update the page during the show. Email me  if you would like  more information.

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