Greetings to all. 


Like many groups, we are on hold for the duration of the Covid 19  restrictions. For some it can be a distressing time, being in social isolation, especially if  you are not a great social media user. We hope you are able to keep connected, and yet at the same time keep separated to remain safe.

The committee here have been meeting on Zoom, ( wish I had bought shares in that company last January), and discussing what we might do as the situation changes. I had some plans to produce some around the bindery videos, only to discover the charger was missing from the video camera, and at present everyone is out of them. Still hoping to have one soon.


The Annual Willis Binding Challenge

We have named the challenge in honour of John Willis, who was a founder and long time member of the guild who died recently. He remembered the guild with a bequest, and the guild set up a display of some of his beautifully made books at the Royal Show last year.  Follow the Link  A Tribute to John Willis Rasv Display

  The challenge book this year is a small single-section book by Robert Mclaren called With Apologies to Woolnough, about his adventures in marbling,his  single section booklet  was produced by David Harris in 1984  with Linocuts and hand typeset in his private press.  Each copy includes a marbled paper cover plus a marbled title slip, and an interesting device of a sheet of marbled paper, different for each copy,  cleverly held in by linocut printed hands.    A short read will stimulate lots of ideas for creative bindings. We haven't yet decided on the prize yet, but in past years we have had  about $150.00 of prizes. This year we will be charging for the print, rather than expecting you all to go find a set text. It may be hard for some to do so.

So we will purchase the copies (very limited numbers)  post out the copies to you  for $20.00. 

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For larger pictures  Binding Challenge 2020 With Apologies to Woolnough

Send me an email,  president with your details, and we will reserve a copy and forward the payment details to you.

The Annual General Meeting 

which has been delayed due to the restrictions. We are planning to have a Saturday meeting in November, featuring the Challenge, the AGM, Buy Swap and Sell, and a Barbeque. We are also hoping we can have an interesting demonstration of some bookbinding technique, or two on the same day. A packed full day hoping to make up for the missed meetings caused by the very necessary social restrictions. 


Some Lockdown Projects


If you are like me, there has been time to do a big cleanout of the bindery, rearrange the layout, and actually get through some of the half finished projects. Its amazing how all the best intentions seem to keep putting off important projects.  I noticed the flouros had faded a number of hand artworks, so  put in new led  panel lights. Its a good thing they have been replaced before the artworks disappeared all together.


Follow on the link to a few other projects I have been able to do while locked down, and a few of the things I learned while at them.

Tips from the Dorking Bindery Solander Boxes.


I will add a few more projects here soon.


We still have a variety of materials for sale, and usually offer them at the Guild Meetings. We will offer them at the November meeting, but if you are desperate you can send me an email and I can let you know what is available. Maybe also I will get to a decent listing soon.

Our best wishes from the committee, and don't hesitate to send your enquiries to us. 

Best regards on behalf of the committee,

Jim Finger President