Greetings to all.  This list is the revised list after all the books which have been sold are removed. If you wish to make an offer for any or all of the remainder please do so to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All offers will be considered, remember we are not book sellers but book binders. This collection has been donated to the Guild to both further the Library Collection of the Guild, and to raise funds for Guild activities. The original list has been left on the site so those interested can see the collection as offered to us.  All offers here are subject to prior sale, and I don't edit the list of sold items daily.

Regards Jim Finger President.  January 2021 

Maurice Betteridge was a member of the Guild and passed away early this year 2020. Maurice was an interesting man with a passionate interest in Christianity, being over time a minister, and the head of several Christian organizations, and including a time as  Principle of Ridley College in Melbourne. With this came a strong interest in books, book collecting, and bookbinding. His chief interest was his collection of historic Bibles, most of  which he restored, and which now reside in a special collection at Ridley College Library. But Maurice collected widely in related fields, and many of those books  have been given to the Guild, some to be added to the Guild Library,  and the others to be sold to raise funds for the future operations of the Guild.

I have chosen to list the collection in its entirety, as it reveals something of the nature of the owner.  The lists will appear online showing the Guild Library items as already sold. I have done this for those curious about the breadth of the collection, but without  the Christian Books and Bibles have already been sent to Ridley. I hope to provide a list of those in due course for those interested in such historic works.

We have labelled these as the Maurice Betteridge Collection, and are offering these to members and those of the book loving  community. I have chosen the prices by a comparison of what's available worldwide, and chosen the mid range prices for similar description of quality. I hope my choices  are to your liking. The prices listed do not attract GST.   Members will receive a discount on the prices listed.  Freight can be arranged. 

We do not have a shopping cart. If you want to order, send me an email, with a list of the book numbers, plus any questions about the titles if you have them. Extra large photos are shown in the Maurice Betteridge Photo Gallery on the home page. Upon receipt of the order, I will reserve the books showing  them online as sold, give the details for the payment  by direct deposit  along with tracking references, and arrange with you how to get them to you. If you need more information email me and I will reserve and send any additional information. Sale of the books is final and no refunds are offered if the books are not as you require. Ask first please, as we are volunteers not book sellers. All reports are to the best of our knowledge.

All sales will be accompanied by a detailed VBG invoice and receipt.   At present the collection  of 14 boxes is at my home in Belgrave for contactless pickup.    We hope that you will find something to enjoy. There is  about 150 items on the list so be prepared to do a bit of scrolling down. The box numbers are so I can find them when you order!!.  Don't hesitate to ask questions or send comments. 

For more information email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My regards Jim.





Albert Garrett British Engraving of the 20th century 1980 scolar press a4 223pp vg   




James Thorpe, and  Simon Marmison  book of hours  Huntington press  2005  a5  38pp17 plates fine dj plus Huntington leaflet  $72.00



Daniel De Simone, ed Seven Perspectives on Woodcuts 2008 Lib of Congress sm a4 106pp PB fine$72.00



David Chambers and Joan  Hassall engravings and Drawings 1985 pinner 160pp fine no dj 




Edward Hodnett English woodcuts 1480-1535 1973 oxford up a4 483pp plus adds and corr 1973 82pp no dj 




Arthur M Hind an introduction to a History of Woodcut  2 vols 1963 Dover  a5 PB 850ppplus adds 2 vol vg no dj   $60.00



Arthur M Hind a History of Engraving and Etching  from 15th to 1914  1963 dover a5 pb  487pp plus adds  



MBC016  Lewis Grewn, ed George Mackley wood engraver 1981 gresham books a4 136pp dj fine



MBC017   Albert Garrett A history of British Wood Engraving 1978 midas books a4 407pp dj fine $60.00


Box 2  Catalogues printing history

MBC017    Christies  The Evelyn Collection   4 volumes  1977 including printed and hand written prices realized. spines all sunned spine vol iv damaged due to inserted  Catalogue A20  Blackwells 1981 sale. Good to very good  small a4 

$240.00  for the  a set



Edward, Sulivan Bart and Johan Adolf Brun   the Book of Kells 1986 studio editions large a4  158pp 24 cp dj rubbed otherwise fine 




Harthan, John Books of Hours  1977 thames and Hudson  large a4 192pp 72cp dj fine  




Backhouse, Janet   The Illuminated Page,  Ten Centuries of Manuscript Painting.  1997 British library large a4 240pp  most with colour plates  dj rubbed slightly otherwise fine 




Sheppard Gerald the Geneva bible 1989 pilgrim press  large a4 PB about 300pp vg  spine sunned no dj 




Miller, Malcolm.   Chartres the cathedral and old town  guide book 1981  with additional b/w postcard.  VG 




The Library  a periodical   $10.00


Box 4 Bookbinding



Middleton, Bernard   A history of English Craft Bookbinding Technique 1963 this 2nd ed 1978 Holland press A5 pp326 plus 12 b/w plates   no dustjacket cloth fine  $84.00



Jones, Michael Wynn  George Cruikshank His life and London  1978 Macmillan  sm a4  112 pp dj cloth  fine 




Armstrong, Elizabeth. Robert Estienne  Royal Printer,  an historical study of the Elder Stephanus.  1954 Cambridge UP  a4  310pp embossed cloth missing dj and one corner bumped very good.   $30.00



Hamilton, Harlan W   Doctor Syntax  A silhouette of Willian Combe esq 1969 kent state up  large a5 340pp  cloth djchipped  otw fine   $20.00


Greg, W.W.  A companion to Arber  being a calendar of documents in Edward Arbers’s Transcripts of of the registers of the company o stationers London 1554-1640    1967 Oxford at clarendon press   a5  451pp dj sl faded otw fine 




Blake, N. F. Caxton England's First Publisher  1976 Osprey publishing sm a4 pp220  cloth dj fine  $20.00


Febvre, Lucien, and Martin, Henri-Jean  The Coming of the Book,  The impact of printing 1450-1800  1958 second ed 1976 NLB London a5 378pp 




Southerbys  Catalogue of Valuable printed books  property of Prof  S T Bindoff  1981 large a5 pp112 wrappers no dj estimates pamphlet included fine



Box 6   Catalogues


Pollard and Redgrave A short Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England Scotland and Ireland,  and of English books printed abroad 1475-1640  2nd edition  1986   all  320mm x 245mm.   Vol 1  620pp, Vol 2 494pp,  vol 3 405pp cloth.  dj all sl marked  fine    (in 2005 the paid price was $795usd )  $600.00



Quaritch, Bernard,  Contributions towards a Dictionary of English Book Collectors. reprinted 1968 Burt Franklin NY  sm a4 unpaginated ( maybe 300pages)  cloth no dj vg   $36.00



Bennett, H S   English Books and readers   1965  Cambridge UP 3 volumes 1475  -1557 337pp ( 2nd ed 1970),  1558-1603  320pp first ed  ,  1603 – 1640  253pp first ed. All in matching dj   fine  




Nixon, Howard M Catalogue of the Pepys Library at Magdalene College Cambridge  Vol iv Bindings 1984 D S Brewer  a4+  pp i-xxxii  catalogue, pp1-45  Standard bindings, pp 52 Plates and facing text, Rubbings  3pp rubbings of tools.  Cloth with Pepys crest with edges frayed otherwise fine




Stocks, Bronwyn and Morgan, Nigel  eds   The Medieval Imagination. 2008 SLV and Macmillan  310 x 250mm  256pp  gloss plates throughout paperback no dj fine  




Christopher de Hamel  Glossed books of the Bible and the origins of the Paris Booktrade.1984 d.s.Brewer A4 pp105 plus 24 gloss b/w plates  no dj cover grubby contents fine. 




Hodnett, Edward  Image  and Text   Studies in the illustration of English Literature 1982 scolar  a4- 271pp mainly engravings  cloth dj damaged  vg  $50.00



Backhouse, Janet  The illuminated manuscript   1979  Phaidon Oxford a4  80pp colour plates 

dj fine




Millar, Eric G  The Parisian Miniaturist Honore  1959 Faber and Faber a4- 31pp 8 tipped in cp  dj chipped otw fine 




Avril. Francois  Manuscript Painting at the Court of France the fourteenth Century 1310-1380,  1978 Chatto and Windus, a4 pp119 mainly colour plates PB wrappers illustrated  fine 




Pacht, Otto.  Book Illumination In the Middle ages An introduction 1986  Harvey Miller  Oxford UP a4 223 pp  mainly b/w col section dj fine  




Dunkerton, Jill et al  Giotto to Durer  Early Renaissance Painting in the National Gallery 1991 Yale UP National Gallery Publications   28 x 24cm 408pp lots of colour plates wrappers PB no dj  very good 



Box 8  Libraries

MBC124A Goodrum, Charles   Treasures of the Library of Congress1980 harry abrams  large a4 319pp  b/w and colour plates  dj sl rubbed otw fine. 




Harthan, John   The History of the Illustrated Book  1981 Thames and Hudson 310 x 250mm  288pp cloth dj faded on spine otw fine. 




Kraus, H P Fifty Years An anniversary catalogue of 120 outstanding books  sold from 1931 to 1982. 1982 Kraus 310 x 230mm 264 pp cloth   dj faded otw fine  




Pierpoint Morgan  Early Printed Books  Major acquisitions of the Pierpoint Morgan Library  1924-1974 New York 290 x230mm  unpaginated with 50 case studies PB wrappers with printed marbled ep  vg 




 Pierpoint Morgan  Mediaeval and Renaissance Manuscripts  Major acquisitions of the Pierpoint Morgan Library  1924-1974New York 290 x230mm  106pp PB wrappers with printed marbled ep  vg




Barker, Nicholas et al   Treasures of the British Library 1988 British Library 300 x 200mm  272pp cloth with printed marbles end papers, colour plates  dj   fine 




Palmer, Richards and Brown, Michelle P  eds  Lambeth Palace Library  Treasures from the collection of the Archbishops of Canterbury  Scala  ND  280 x 240mm 176pp colour plates   cloth  dj  fine.




Macdonald, Robert h. The Library of Drummond of Hawthornden  1971  Edinburgh  U press 280 x 210mm  245 pp b/w illust   cloth dj faded  otw fine $42.00



Rogers, David   The Bodleian Library and its Treasures 1320-1700   1991 Aidan Ellis a4  p176pp mainly col illustrated cloth dj rubbed   otw fine




Anon    A  Treasure House of Books The Library of Duke August of Brunswick-wolfenbuttell  An exhibition at the Grolier Club 1999 New York  1998 PB 280 x 220mm pp270 col plates  fine




George Fletcher, H ed. The Wormsley Library A personal selection by Sir Paul Getty KBE 1999 Wormsley Library  a4 pp278 mainly colour plates  PB  fine  




Dickenson, Donald C  Henry E Huntington’s Library of Libraries.  1995   Huntington Library Press a4 286 pp cloth  dj fine   $36.00



Wormold and Wright    the Engish llibrary before 1700 




VBG   Victorian Bookbinders Guild Newsletters Volume 15 1996  compiles by John Willis  Bound  cloth MB.  A4 about 100 pages vg   $60.00



Needham, Paul Twelve Centuries of Bookbindings 400-1600  1979   Pierpoint Morgan Oxford UP 300 x 230mm  338pp PB wrappers cover grubby  very good  




Thompson, Elbert a and Lawrence S   Fine Binding In America   The Story of the CLUB Bindery 1956  Beta Phi Mu        A5  pp51  cloth leather spine strip   very good.


   The book collector set ( not complete) Under offer   Other offers considered.

Box 15  Willliam Blake



Sir Geoffrey Keynes, ed  William Blakes water colours illustrating the Poems of Thomas Gray  J Philip Oharar Chicago 1972  a4 pp32 plus 32 b/w pages plates. DJ fine  $100.00




Gilchrist, Alexander, Life of William Blake  London Dent and sons 1942 good $10.00



Kathleen Raine, William Blake 156 plates 28 in colour  pb Thames and Hudson 1974  fair 




James Thorpe, William Blake Songs of Innocence and of Experience, Huntington Library  California   1975  Illustrated a5 single section card cover  reproductions of the original in the Huntington Library  31pp full colour plates.  $30.00



Wilson, Mona, the life of William Blake  Oxford PB 1971 VG 




Keynes, Geoffry. Blake Complete Writings   oxford PB 1972   a5 944pp Good  $15.00


 MBC 163

Martin, Butlin William Blake a complete Catalogue of the works in the Tate Gallery    Tate Gallery Publications 1957  VG dustjacket   



 MBC 164

Milton Klonsky, William Blake, the seer and his visions harmony new york 1977 139pp with 104 pages of illustrations a4  PB