Greetings, we have some equipment come available, part during Covid, part due to retirement. Prices are indicative and offers will be considered. Sales of these items results in a commission to Bookbinders Victoria and assists with our operating costs. Sales do not include GST and are personal assets and so do not attract GST. No warranties are implied or given. All items appear to be in good order and working. Please address all enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.u.

Goods are at present held in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs and inspections can be arranged. It is our preference to sell  by bank transfer, and pickup at location. 



Item 1 Nipping press heavy duty will need dismantle to move  400 x 550 platted 150 air  $400.00


Item 2 JTM Standing Press 550 x 380 platted 350 air  will need dismantle  for transport $450.00



Item 3  and 3a Frank Weisner Lying press and plough  VG condition  suit as new buyer  $1500.00

Item 3a  Plough with above lying press.


Item 4 JTM Hot Foil Blocking press  with hardware  Thermostatically controlled   will need some dismantle for transport  $500.00 .

Item 4 Another view   showing thermostat and  roller.


Item 4 Hardware for above hot foil press



Item 5  Roll 1 sold $150.00

Item 6 Roll 2 sold   $150.00

Item 7 Roll3  sold $150.00

Item 8 Roll 4 sold $150.00

Item 9  Roll 5 sold $150.00


Item 10  About 60 trays of type 

All printers type is $100 per tray and type, negotiable according to contents. Cabinets $200.00 offers considered  


Some of the type styles

Ultra Bodini


Garamond Roman 36 32 30 24 18

Times Roman  48 30

Wed Tex  36  24 18 12 8

Goudy  24 18 12

Cheltenham 48  to small

Gill 30 to small

Copperplate 36 32 24 18

Alt Gothic 18

Actual contents of each tray not verified and counted sale will only be after inspection by the buyer.





Several items under restoration, Bench Guillotine, nipping presses several sizes.