Greetings all, and many apologies for the website crash. A case of the site flagging to the admin that some updates are needed, and so I pressed go without reading and actioning the long list of "do this first "items. And don't we do it with books sometimes. Rush in to start a binding and find we forgot a step, then spend time trying to make it work!!


Program for the year.

We are pleased that the new bindery is working well, though we are still working out the best way to do many operations.

We will soon have the shop up and running so members at the meetings, classes and open bindery will have access to lots of different materials and some tools at reasonable rates and in volumes that will suit lots of small different projects.

This will make it economical to do different projects. I remember I had some difficulty with getting the right cloth is a small quantity. It takes a long time to use up a whole roll of green!! Its a feature colour in my bindery.

The Library Binding 2 day course with Peter Lewis was well received and is planned again for next year. Sorry the photographer was indisposed so not much in the way of pictures.  The Library binding is a letterpress style with extra reinforcement to ensure survival with heavy use.


Coming up soon.  

Remember that bookings are required  for all open bindery sessions, and workshops. 

Members meetings on the 4th Tuesday are open to visitors, bookings are not required for these meetings. and there is no fee to attend. However,  don't be surprised if the secretary or treasurer tries to sign you up as a member.  Our costs, rent, insurance etc  are significant, and most presenters are paid an honorarium. Mainly we are volunteers, and always more volunteers are appreciated. Our meetings include  show and tell to share your project, book clinic to discuss  particular problems or techniques, materials sales, and a guest presenter with a specific topic.


Remember the National Bind 23 conference is on  in Queensland 7, 8, 9 July. Book now to secure your place.


Meetings,  Classes, Open Bindery  for the balance of 2023.

Open bindery on Second  Tuesday of the month is an on demand opening so remember to check the bookings with the secretary.


June 27  In the Bindery, the W Binding class with Gail Stiffe. Bookings essential.  Details on the previous post. But bookings required.

June 27  Evening meeting,  a look at Non-adhesive  Binding  with Liz Forbes.


July   25 Open Bindery. 2-5pm.

July   25  A demonstration/workshop  Decorative Stab Bindings with Mary Russell.


August  19 Saturday. 9am to 4pm  Single Sheet Binding,with Tim Morrow   sometimes called thesis binding . Print your family history, thesis,  or story book.

August  22 Open bindery 2-5pm.

August 22  Evening meeting   our AGM, plus BUY, SWAP, and SELL.

Lots of equipment and materials to assist you in setting up  your workshop or home bindery. Have items for sale, contact the president for more information.

August   we may also have a heavy equipment sale. It will be in our storage location in Narre Warren. We will post some pictures and perhaps arrange a mutual time, most likely a Saturday before the AGM.  Watch this space.


September  Saturday 16th   Workshop 9am to 4pm. Exposed Stitch Binding with Gail Stiffe.

September 26th  Open Bindery 2-5pm.   

September 26   Camielle Fitzmaurice   Early Bookmaking Techniques, 

               techniques learned in the classes attended at Montefiascone  Bindery in Italy.

Remember September is also Melbourne Royal Show with its book binding and paper crafts competition. Entries open now.


October 24th  Workshop in the Bindery  Simple Clam Shell Boxes with Debra Parry.

October 24th  evening meeting, still in planning, but hopefully including a review of all the prizes won at the Melbourne Royal.



November 28th Open Bindery, 

November 28th

Evening meeting  reveal of the 2023 Willis Bookbinding Challenge   The downloadable pages of  the Bone folder.

Ask about getting the file. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Emphasis on quality binding rather than decoration.