Greetings all.

Our buy swap and sell as very successful, with a number of large items,

and many small ones now residing and challenging new owners.

Thanks to all, and sorry to those who called after and had missed out.

Remember that we have the members materials supply shop,

and hope it will soon also be fully documented with lists online for you.


Our next meetings is at The Bindery, Bookbinding Victoria

behind St Faith's Church  4 Charles St Glen Iris.


Three parts. 

The Open Bindery where you can come and bring your own projects

and have access to the  equipment and materials, plus some advice.


2pm Tuesday afternoon to 5pm.

Email eventsatvbgdotnetdotau to make a booking.

The committee  meeting at 6pm. Its for discussion of the  plans and operations of the Bookinders,

but if you have a burning issue you wish to bring up with us, then give me a call and we will open a spot for you.


The General Members Meeting 7pm. Bring along your latest project for show and tell, see other's projects, book clinic, for the book you just dont know how to start, and then have a go at some tooling on leather and cloth. We can start with some blind tooling like this,

      or like this.         



Then we can move to some gold work like this.


But then it might be a bit confronting so we will start with something like this. Sorry phone pic.



We will have set up the small gold blocker, along with a range of tools and foils to allow some experimentation, and perhaps inspiration as to how to go ahead.  A gracious donation from Doncaster Bookbinders has allowed us to now have colours as well as gold!!



As always  I am available at president at vbgdotnetdotau sorry about the shorthand but every time I post my address I get another 100 spam emails. Its a challenge to be available without the time wasting spam, running in excess of 150 per week on average and if I set the spam filters higher, all your correspondence end up in junk.  Regards Jim