This is a  small chap-book by Robert Mclaren called With Apologies to Woolnough. This  single section booklet  was produced by David Harris in 1984  with Linocuts and hand typeset in his private press.  Each copy includes a marbled paper cover plus a marbled title slip, and an interesting device of a sheet of marbled paper, different for each copy,  cleverly held in by linocut printed hands.    A short read will stimulate lots of ideas for creative bindings. We haven't yet decided on the prize yet, but in past years we have had  about $150.00 of prizes. This year we will be charging for the print, rather than expecting you all to go find a set text. It may be hard for some to do so.

So we will purchase the copies (very limited numbers)  post out the copies to you  for $20.00. 


Send me an email,  president with your details, and we will reserve a copy and forward the payment details to you.