Greetings all. Our next meeting day  is Tuesday 25th October.

We will have the new bindery open for visitors, we are still organizing and arranging the pop out bindery, so there is work to be done. The committee will be there cataloguing the tools and materials for sale. The board cutter has arrived and in place, so now the heavy  tools are all in a line, Board Cutter, Guillotine and Blocking press. The pop out bindery on wheels  benches tables nipping presses, standing press is working will with  just a 15 minute set up time from walk in to use. The gold tooling stoves  and  most of the hand tools are c atalogued and ready for use, and the materials buying scheme is close to being into operation. In addition the library if fully accessible.   Feel free to drop in and have a look see even if you dont want to stay 2-5pm. 

Our regular committee meeting will be  at 6pm.

The Formal members meeting  7pm, will be  a taste and see on the gold tooling,  with samplers of leather and cloth, tools of all sorts  to examine,  and plan for use in your next binding.


The end of the year rushes to us.

Out meetings for the year.

Open Bindery  2nd and 4th Tuesdays  in November  2-5pm.  Our schedule at the present   is a trial time. If Tuesdays do not suit, let us know and we will consider it in next years plans. 

Final Members meeting  we view the results of the Binding Challenge, this year an interesting limited press edition of  In the privacy of their own Holmes.  Can you understand the clues?





In 2023, there will be an exciting row of events, starting with Marbling in Feb. And keep a lookout for the National Conference coming up mid year.